Giving Society

The specific aim of the Giving Society is to provide additional funds for travel to our overseas sister cities for students and for deserving adults.

To be a member of the Giving Society, we encourage you to pledge to give $100 per year for five (5) years. However, the Giving Society accepts contributions of any amount at any time of the year.

The Asheville Sister Cities Giving Society was founded in 2015 as a result of hard work by Gwen Hughes and other ASCI members.

Giving Society funds were used in 2017 to support travel by two students and for a trip to distribute wheelchairs to our two Sister Cities in Mexico.

In 2018 funds were lent to two City Committees as up-front support for the hosting of groups from two of our Sister Cities

In 2019 funds supported the travel of a volunteer intern to Saumur, France.

Contributions to the Giving Society directly facilitate the ability of interns and students to participate in programs on a need basis. You are encouraging citizen diplomacy between Western North Carolina citizens and citizens of ASCI’s seven Sister Cities in the most tangible way!

For more information please contact George Keller, ASCI Giving Society advocate by emailing