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Dobro pozhalovat’, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Kalós orísate, Ceud Mìle Fàilte –

Welcome to Asheville Sister Cities!

We are a non-profit organization that serves to promote international awareness and maintain relations with Asheville’s sister cities of Vladikavkaz, Russia; San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico; Saumur, France; Karpenisi, Greece; Valladolid, Mexico; Osogbo, Nigeria; and Dunkeld & Birnam, Scotland. Join us for international films, performances, travel opportunities, food and wine tastings, and a chance to promote peace through global friendship.

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Membership in the Sister Cities program promises to be a rewarding and fun experience! Join us for international film festivals, food tasting from around the world, travel opportunities, and a chance to promote peace through global friendship with our partner sister cities.

We did it! Asheville Sister Cities Has a Directional Sign.

We want every citizen and visitor to Asheville to know that ASHEVILLE SISTER CITIES is an important part of our community fiber.  By placing a directional sign in downtown Asheville neat City Hall, we hope that everyone can now be more aware of our great organization.

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who have donated to the Directional Sign Campaign

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Vladikavkaz, Russia—ASCI’s position
Central to its purpose when established by President Eisenhower in 1956, sister cities relationships embody democratic values. In times of conflict and political discord, these relationships foster hope. As peace emerges, these relationships promote healing. In times of stability, these relationships invite understanding and cooperation through the exchange of ideas based on arts, culture, education, and community development.
Asheville Sister Cities is a nonprofit organization that focuses on citizen diplomacy—person to person relationships. Municipality to municipality, cities could exchange information and ideas in order to develop friendships and deepen cultural understanding. Asheville Sister Cities’ mission is to promote peace, understanding, cooperation and sustainable partnerships through formalized agreements between international cities and the City of Asheville, North Carolina.
Since 1990, the City of Asheville has had a friendly relationship with our Russian Sister City, Vladikavkaz, Russia, which has focused on sharing educational opportunities in arts and culture from each city. Vladikavkaz, Russia is located in the region of North Ossetia in the Caucasus Mountains. Similar to Asheville, Vladikavkaz is located in a diverse area with a history of its own that boasts excellent access to the arts.

As noted by Leroy Alala, CEO of Sister Cities International, “While suspending or ending a sister city relationship to register disapproval of a foreign government’s actions may seem, on the surface, like a positive policy protest action, it has the complete opposite effect – closing a vital and, ofttimes, last channel of communication with vulnerable or isolated populations.”

This also reflects the position of Governor Roy Cooper in “standing with the brave Russian citizens who are risking their own safety under an oppressive regime to protest the war crimes of their own government.”

The volunteer Board of Directors of Asheville Sister Cities would like to show its support to all citizens who are standing up for peace. In the spirit of the charter of Sister Cities International and our cities’ sisterhood, our hope is that citizens of the world will try to uphold our mission of promoting “peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation . . . one individual, one community at a time.”

The Board of Directors of Asheville Sister Cities is committed to offering worldwide exchanges in arts and culture, youth and education, and community development not only to strengthen our friendships, but also help us tackle the world’s most pressing problems. We are hopeful that diplomacy will prevail in resolving the situation underway between Russia and the Ukraine; we grieve for those who have suffered loss and we will support those whose lives have been upended by this tragedy in the Ukraine.

May love for our global neighbors lead to the path of peace.

Asheville Sister Cities International, Volunteer Board of Directors

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