Robert Burns Night Supper

How you can support Burns Night

Support Burns Night

As we strive to improve our celebration of the bard’s birthday, we need the help of our community rely on our community to participate in getting the word out.  This page lists some of the opportunities for you to support the ASCI Robert Burns Night Supper.  Feel free to press the “Help Support Burns Night” button if you have an interest and would like to be contacted. 

Printed Promotion


In November, a one page PDF will be linked from here for anyone to print and post on their favorite bulletin board or window at work, school, or publicly.


In November, event promotional cards will be available for former guests, volunteers, and ASCI friends to distribute to friends and acquaintances during the holidays to encourage them to join in celebrating Burns Night and take advantage of our free one year ASCI membership for new first time guests.  We would be glad to mail you some event cards with our thanks. Just leave your mailing address in the comments of our feedback formand we will send the cards once they are available.

Example event promotion card

Guest Rewards

Bring New First Time Guests

New first time guests which have not attended a previous ASCI Burns Night will be eligible to receive a free one year membership in Asheville Sister Cities if not already a member. This is your chance to bring a friend into ASCI as well as join you for Burns Night.

Sharing Social Media

We encourage guests to get the word out to their friends and followers on social media.  Please follow or subscribe to any one of ASCI’s social media accounts, respond to a Burns Night event listing, and invite your friends to join in the celebration.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for more people to join our friendly group of volunteers.  The planning committee meets about 6 times a year in the afternoon at the venue. Participation is also available by web-conference.  Help is especially needed with graphics, video, and media. 

Graphic Design

If you want to show or improve your skill in graphic design, we need help designing a graphic identity theme, print advertising, promotional cards, event flyer, printed program, event signage, name tags, placecards, and table numbers.

Broadcasting Videography

We need assistance with event video recording and live streaming, producing video content for social media, and editing short highlight clips of event. 

Public, Local, and Social Media Relations

We need help to connect with and encourage local and social media to provide coverage of Burns Night, give us advice on media strategies, and leverage and expand ASCI’s social media event footprint.

Planning Committee

Even if graphics, video, or media is not your thing, please consider if you can help with any of the following activities (most of which already have team leaders indicated).

Public, Local, and Social Media Relations
Marketing and Graphics – Tom Good
Audio and Video – Jerry Bush
Registration and Donation Solicitation – Cary Findlay
Program and Entertainment– Doug Orr
Wine Ticket Sales – Gail Jolley
Venue and Meal Service – Rick Lutovsky
Reception – John and Carol Ann Forsyth
Decorations – Koni Findlay and Darcy Orr
Whisky Tasting – Oscar Wong
Robert Burns Poetry and Song Seminar – Doug Orr and John Forsyth


Promotional Opportunities

Brochure Table

We invite organizations, businesses, and event organizers send us promotional materials to distribute to our Scottish curious or better guests on our Brochure Table.  Please send a maximum of 200 copies to Tom Good, 201 Red Bird Lane, Hendersonville NC 28791. This may be a little early for some 2024 events to have printed flyers, so as a courtesy, we can make up to 10 full color prints if you email a letter size PDF.  

Door Prizes

For events or businesses which would like to further peak our guests interest, please consider including a coupon or other door prize with your promotional materials.  We leave it completely up to you to decide the level of discount to attract potential customers.  An example door prize coupon might be a 10% discount coupon on event VIP tickets, or a 5% discount on new customer purchases over $100.  Door prizes will increase your exposure to our guests while also making our event more appealing to potential attendees. We don’t need the coupons or other prizes until January, but if you let us know of your intent, we can include you in our ongoing marketing earlier.  Consider contributing 50 to 200 coupons and mail them with your promotional material above.  

Recognition of Door Prize donors:

  • Logo and link in all Burns Night email marketing.
  • Logo, link, and write up post on our social media.
  • Logo and link on Burns Night event web page
  • Logo inclusion on ASCI web site in perpetuity as shown on these Past Burns Night Highlights.
  • Rewarding Door Prizes at the event.
  • Verbal recognition during Burns Night program.
Burns Night Partners

If you would like to join other Scottish or Celtic related businesses or events which are listed on our Burns Night Partners link page, leave a message on our Help Support Burns Night button.  It’s free.

Charity Auction Donations

Burns Night will feature a charity auction which will feature 3 unique upscale items.  Let us know if you have an interest in donating at this level. This is an opportunity to significantly support our fundraising for ASCI which is a 501c3 organization.

Recognition of Charity Auction donors: 

  • Prominent logo and link in all Burns Night email marketing.
  • Logo, link, and write up post our social media.
  • Prominent logo and link on Burns Night event web page
  • Prominent logo on ASCI web site in perpetuity as shown on these Past Burns Night Highlights.
  • Display on auction table during event. 
  • Verbal recognition during Burns Night program.
  • Inclusion in the event Printed Program

Help Support Burns Night

If you are interested in supporting the ASCI Robert Burns Night Supper either as a volunteer or donor, please leave your name, contact information, and comments below.  We will only use this to contact you and for no other purpose.